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We print details.

We print a large format.

As one of the few 3D printers,

we offer prints from the smallest elements, up to format

1500 x 1500 x 2000 mm

What is 3D printing?

3D printing, or 3D printing for some may sound like literary fiction, but is currently an important element of reality. Our company deals with 3D printing and provides services in this area. The 3D printing technique can be used in many industries, such as industry, automotive or veterinary medicine. Creating physical objects with a printer is a very useful option that you should use in practice. Technological progress is currently huge and thanks to this an opportunity arises to constantly improve the realities surrounding us.

Etap rojektowania modelu 3D. Przebieg przygotowania pliku do druku przestrzennego.

3D printing and designing for 3d printing

3D printing is a definition that covers a variety of technologies. In our company we offer both 3D printing and 3D printing design services.


What can our clients count on?

We offer the possibility of 3D printing for each person; it doesn't matter what element the 3D print design is about.


Wyceń i zamów swój druk 3D

Potrzebujesz druku z niestandardowych materiałów?
Chciałbyś aby Twój wydruk został poddany postprodukcji

lub po prostu nie posiadasz gotowego modelu?
Skorzystaj z naszego formularza kontaktowego. Z chęcią pomożemy w Twoim projekcie.


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