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3D SLA & DLP printing


In addition to the most common 3D printing methodology using plastic colloquially known as filament, we offer 3D printing in the SLA methodology. This method involves the use of liquid resin, which is then cured by means of a laser beam.

Advantages of 3D printing in SLA technology

The most important advantages of 3D SLA printing include high accuracy of printed projects. Thanks to successively applied layers and hardening them after each applied layer, the model prepared in this technology is distinguished by very high quality and detail mapping. At the same time, thanks to such precise methodology, the walls of the object can be very thin (even those having a thickness of 85 microns are acceptable)


We have a wide range of resins at our clients' disposal in various varieties - transparent or translucent in a wide variety of colors.


We can make even large objects for you, whose components will be joined using the same resin, UV-curable, as well as carry out post-processing, which will consist of removing the remains of unhardened resin from the printed model. Regardless of the amount of detail designed, if it fits on the working area of the 3D printer, the price of 3D printing will be at the same level. The print price is based on the printer's operating time. It is valued based on the height of the printout.

What to use 3D printing in SLA technology?

SLA technology is an ideal solution for all companies and individuals seeking a method of producing fast prototypes while maintaining high quality. Thanks to the accuracy and methodology of making objects, it is possible to accurately make the most complex models.


An interesting advantage of this technique is the possibility of making a prototype that has a visible internal structure (thanks to the use of transparent resin) that allows further research of the design in terms of not only ergonomics or appearance, but also the correctness of the operation of internal mechanical systems.


Injection mold inserts are another example of the use of SLA. Due to the low, in comparison to the classic manufacturing method, insert manufacturing costs, SLA technology enables rapid prototyping of molds, e.g. in terms of checking the possibility of assembling the mold or correctness of the shape or quality of the detail. A good example of this solution are molds for rubber or silicone suction cups.


Despite the higher than the standard price of printing using this technology, we believe that SLA technology is an ideal solution for everyone who is looking for high-quality 3D printing of their projects while maintaining optimal cost and no need for mass production.



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