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3D printing for veterinary

elementy montażowe wykorzystywane przy tworzeniu protez weterynaryjnych

3D printing dentures for animals

3D printing services are great in the veterinary field. Technologically advanced three-dimensional prints from durable, high-quality material allow you to create various types of shapes useful in animal therapy. In cooperation with 3D designers and people responsible for prints, you can make unique elements necessary to improve the quality of life of animals and their treatment. The company is open to cooperation, thanks to which each of the projects will be made individually in accordance with the client's arrangements. The latest technologies can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of services provided by veterinarians.

3D printing of the orthosis

The capabilities of 3D printers have been used to treat people for several years. Because animals are treated as family members by many people, it is important that they can have access to high-quality veterinary services. Three-dimensional printing services will certainly be helpful here. Among them are the increasingly popular creation of orthoses, both with and without hinges, the creation of extremely well-fitting prostheses, as well as prints of orthopedic horseshoes. The 3D printing service can also be checked before complicated surgical operations - printing a template facilitating the proper conduct of the procedure

Watch video with dog brace printed in 3D printing technology

3d denture printing

3D printing technology in the veterinary field is very innovative and can be widely used. Therefore, the services of three-dimensional printing are open to news and suggestions, and their scope is constantly expanded in response to close cooperation with the client. Appropriate design and printout will help in the implementation of any, even the most advanced veterinary services that need an implant, prosthesis or orthosis or other elements used in orthopedics.

proces drukowania 3D, protezy dla zwierząt

3D prints implants

3D prints also allow you to create implants. Implantation to replace bone defects is currently mainly carried out on animals, as this technology is not fully developed. However, it shows unique possibilities - based on the defect imaged by MRI or CT scan, an implant computer design is created that can ideally match the implant site. The famous prosthesis used in the veterinary field and printed on a 3D printer in 2016 was the shell of the Brazilian turtle - Freddie, which saved his life after losing most of his own protection as a result of fire.

Orthotics created using three-dimensional printers are ideally suited to the animals wearing them. They help in the rehabilitation or everyday existence of sick patients, ensuring comfort of life. Dentures printed using 3D technology can be created from the highest quality materials in different colors, so they will be well suited not only in terms of shapes, but also appearance. They are resistant to weather conditions, water and even some acids. The dentures are therefore fully adapted, providing the highest quality comfort and restoring mobility to aggrieved animals.



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