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3D printing in film and theater production.

A properly finished 3D printout can be deceptively similar to a real object, it creates great opportunities in the field of film, allowing you to create realistic mockups, props and scenography for production.

What if getting a given prop is a miracle or is simply very expensive? Manual preparation could take ages.

In this situation, 3D printing can save a lot of money or make the director's vision come true. The appropriate print finish allows you to obtain virtually any material structure corresponding to reality. In our company, we offer such a service, which in combination with manual varnishing or airbrushing allows you to achieve amazing results.

3D printing can also be an invaluable help when building scenery. Our printers with a huge print area will allow you to speed up the entire process of creating models, even very large ones.

3D printing, depending on the selected material, also allows you to achieve very high durability. Thanks to this, a prop prepared in this way will be much more difficult to damage during shooting, work or transport.

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