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Complaints and returns

General warranty conditions



The company Plastcore 3D Sp. z o. o. provides a guarantee for all products sold

1. The warranty covers damage resulting from defects in design or material of the product.

2. The warranty does not cover:


  • Mechanical / thermal / chemical damage

  • Improper use of the product

  • Deliberate or accidental damage to the product resulting from an independent attempt to repair or interference by unauthorized persons.

  • Natural wear and tear of the product resulting from its constant use

  • Incorrect installation of the product


3. Complaints are considered only for goods whose warranty period has not expired and for which they have a detailed description
of damage, included with the service shipment.
4. The advertised product, the customer is obliged to deliver to the place of purchase on his own and at his own expense.

5. After verification of the complaint, the defective product is repaired or replaced with a new one, free from
defects copy.

6. The customer may return the purchased goods within 14 days from the date of purchase (not applicable to personalized, individual orders) and
is obliged to return it at his own expense (unless otherwise agreed) in the original packaging and an attached copy of the proof of purchase
(receipt / VAT invoice) , the returned product cannot show signs of use / be damaged (also applies to packaging)

7. Please make your purchases carefully, as unjustified returns will not be considered.


Return / complaint procedure


In order to properly file a complaint / return of goods:


1. Download the complaint protocol below

2. Correctly fill in the required information and send it to the following address:

3. Wait for the service response.
4. After acceptance, send the defective goods together with the completed complaint protocol to the following address:

Plastcore 3D Sp. z o. o. ul. Puławska 34 building 23, 05-500 Piaseczno Poland

5. After the end of the service, the goods will be sent back to the previously indicated address.






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